Txt Your Thoughts to your Thought-Net!

Yes you heard that correctly!  Warm up your thumbs and practice your swiping because you’re about to capture your thoughts the easiest way possible.

Or ask Siri to send it for you!


Step 1:

Register your 9 digit phone number here:

Hi, try to log in first!

You will be redirected in 3 seconds to the login page.


Step 2:

Tap this image above or point your iPhone camera at it for easy access.  *Android may need a QR scanner app.

Send messages to your Thought-Net:


Step 3:

Add 650-822-6464 to your contacts, name it “Snova” for quick access.

Protip: Save a quick link on your phone home screen!



Txt the first thought that comes to mind!  What are you waiting for?



Find all your new thoughts in the Thought-Net!